Vintage Wool Rugs - VT00005

Vintage Wool Rugs - VT00005

Price on request

285CM X 163CM

As the first step, we collect fine carpets from across the region. We then begin the process of decolorizing.

We are bleaching out the old color and then re-dyeing them with a monochromatic over dye. Then the rugs are dried under the sun.

After we are trimming down the pile to make it smooth and even.

Then we wash, shampoo and rinse them again. Any potential residue is removed during this process. The newly dyed rugs are again dried in the sun. 

What's cool about it is that it gives people an ability to give new life to rugs that are out of style. It's a great way to reuse and recycle a rug that would just be dead inventory.